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Rain Gear

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Many families who visit Central Florida don’t realize we have a subtropical climate here.  Our rainy season, from Spring through Mid-Fall, is peppered with dry days, while our dry season, from late Fall through Winter, is peppered with wet days.  In other words, it rains a lot here.

While the popular saying here does go true – “if you don’t like the weather now, just wait ten minutes” – it still pays to be prepared when the rain hits you in the parks.  Even if a little water doesn’t bother you when you are walking around, it is sure to make a different impact on you when you enter one of the highly air conditioned attractions.

Universal Vacation Planning Help

There are a few good solutions you can take to help keep dry during the sudden, and usually not very lengthy, “monsoons” we tend to deal with here in Orlando.  Each comes with some pros and cons, but all are better than just running around soaking wet all day… let’s be honest, wet clothes can chafe, and that doesn’t feel good.

Here are three popular solutions we recommend after our years in the parks…

Universal Vacation Planning Help

Official Universal Parks Ponchos

  • Pro – easily obtained at virtually any cash register in the parks, so you don’t need to worry about packing anything or carrying anything with you to the parks in the morning.  They are also made of a decent quality plastic and, if taken care of, can be reused a number of times during your vacation.
  • Cons – they ain’t cheap!  The adult size runs close to $10 each and the kids’ size is not too far behind.  Seriously overpriced for what they are worth.
Universal Vacation Planning Help

Disposable Ponchos

  • Pros – Can often buy for as little as $1.00 each, and most of them come prepackaged in a pocket sized pouch.  Once you use them, they are easily tossed aside and forgotten.
  • Cons – Ever worn a garbage bag before?  That’s what these can feel like.  The thin material causes them to want to stick to your skin, and they can get uncomfortably hot.  Plus, the material isn’t that strong and can easily tear on you.
Universal Vacation Planning Help

Full Rain Gear

  • Pros – Depending on the suit you buy, many of these are now specifically made to be lightweight, waterproof, and breathable (so you don’t get the same “greenhouse effect” you experience wearing a poncho).
  • Cons – The good ones do cost a bit, but you are buying a product that you will be using over and over for a long time (a couple of years if well taken care of).

Pro Tip!

Don’t trust our local weathermen!  Florida is very flat and clouds move over us very quickly.  As a result, the weather in Central Florida is unpredictable – even though the morning forecast may say 0% precipitation, there is always a good chance some stray cloud will make its way across the State and rain on your parade.

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