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Magical Tours Theme Park Survey

Below you will find our Theme Park Survey which will allow us to design a Personalized Itinerary for your family’s visit to the Orlando theme parks.

Please read each question carefully and answer with as many details as possible – the more detailed an answer we have from you, the better we will be able to personalize your itinerary.

However, before you fill out the survey, there are a few things to go over…


Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Due to the changes brought on by COVID-19, even if you have already purchased your theme parks for Walt Disney World, you are still required to make a “reservation” for a theme park on Disney’s new theme park reservation system.  Use the link below to visit Disney’s theme park reservation system.

Walt Disney World Theme Park Reservation System

Disney also has very strict COVID-19 policies in place.  Please visit the link below for more information on Disney’s requirements for guests visiting the theme parks.

Disney’s COVID-19 Policies


Universal Orlando Theme Parks

Universal also has a number of COVID-19 policies in place.   Please visit the link below for more information on Universal’s requirements for guests visiting the theme parks.

Universal’s COVID-19 Policies

In addition to offering Personalized Itineraries for the Universal Orlando theme parks, Magical Tours is still offering Private Tours of the Universal Orlando theme parks.

Our Universal Private Tours start when the theme park opens in the morning for general admission, and last until 5 PM.  The cost of our Universal Private Tours are $300 per family (up to 10 people) for the single day.  Each person on the tour must have a theme park ticket AND a Universal Express Pass.  If you would like help in purchasing your Universal Orlando theme park tickets or Express Passes, Magical Tours is a registered Universal Vacation Planner and can help you purchase those items, frequently at a reduced rate.  Please email us for more information.


General Information – Arrival Time

All our Personalized Itineraries are designed to maximize your time at the theme parks by helping you avoid as many long lines as possible.  As such, we are assuming that you will plan to be at the parks early (sometimes up to 90 minutes before “official” opening time) in order to avoid these long (2 to 3 hour) lines.

Many of the parks will start letting guests enter and head to the busiest attractions as early as an hour before the park officially opens.  Taking that into consideration (along with the amount of time it takes to park your car, walk to the park entrance and go through the security checkpoints and baggage inspections) it is in your best interest to plan to arrive at the parking lot about 60 to 90 minutes before the park you are visiting opens.

If you do not plan on being at the park early, please let us know EXACTLY when you plan on PARKING YOUR CAR at the theme park.  We will still do our best to help you avoid as many lines as possible, but there will be less lines we can help you with. 

After 12+ years of giving private tours of the theme parks, our highest recommendation is to be at the parks early with breakfast and bathroom breaks already done behind you.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is to have a leisurely breakfast then show up at the park at the “official” opening time (or shortly there after).  By then, thousands of people are already ahead of you waiting in the attraction lines.


General Information – Splitting Up to Cover More Ground

It has been our experience that frequently family groups are made up of folks with varying degrees of “ride enjoyment”.  Some folks are adrenaline junkies that just want to hit the fast rides, others are a bit more timid and prefer the slower rides.

In these cases, it is sometimes more prudent for families to “split up” for a period, to cover more ground in less time.  The adrenaline junkies can split off to tackle some of the rides more suited to them, while the more timid riders can split off to ride attractions more suited to them.

If your party is inclined to do this, then we will need the names of each of the people in your party who will be in each “split off” group, and we will then incorporate that into the Personalized Itinerary.  Usually we do this “split off” early in the morning to take advantage of some of the smaller lines at the most popular attractions – believe it or not, there are some “little kids” attractions that can have lines as long as Space Mountain or Avatar Flight of Passage later in the day.

Please keep in mind, under current policies, the theme parks generally will not let children age 7 or under on any attraction unless someone 12 or older is with them.  So, if you do plan to “split off” different groups, please take this information into consideration when assigning people to those groups.


That about covers the important stuff.  All that is left is for you to please fill out the Theme Park Survey below, then one of our staff will begin working on your Personalized Itinerary.

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