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Magical Tours VIP Tour Guests Enjoying Animal Kingdom

Walt Disney World Private Theme Park Tours

Contrary to popular rumor, nobody gets to go to the front of the lines at Disney (not even with Disney’s own tour guides – they use the FastPass lines, just like everyone else). But with one of our theme park experts guiding your family through the day, you’ll soar through the crowds and avoid many of the long lines throughout the parks!

Our guides have been giving private tours in the Orlando theme parks for over 10 years.  We know all the secrets, all the strategies, and all the tricks that other guides may know – plus we have all the insider scoop on the rides as Magical Tours is owned and operated by a former Disney cast member!

Just How Does Magical Tours Help Your Family?

FastPass+Lots More FastPasses!

Our guides know all the secrets to Disney’s FastPass system. We never “cheat” the system, but we do know how to take full advantage of it.  With our insider know-how, our guests get to enjoy 2 to 3 times as many FastPasses as other families.

Disney’s FastPass system is designed to offer additional FastPasses to guests throughout the day, at a rate of 1 FastPass every 2 to 3 hours.  But our guides know how to use the system to get FastPasses at a rate of 1 FastPass every 20 to 30 minutes!


Shorter Wait Times Without FastPasses

You can’t FastPass everything.  Our guides know which lines to wait in (and which to avoid), understand the different traffic patterns in the parks, and know which order to tackle the rides in.  This means your family will have the smallest wait times possible, even when FastPasses just aren’t available!


Efficiency, Service and Insider Know-How

Things can happen, and knowing how to react and respond properly can make all the difference during your day.  Magical Tours is owned and operated by a former Walt Disney World cast member, and all of our guides have been trained with the same high quality standards the Disney Company is known for.  No matter what happens, our goal is to ensure your day is as Magical as it can be!

How Do Our Tours Work?

  • Early Start Means More Rides

    The first few hours of the day are critical in getting you on popular rides, that have no FastPasses available, before the crowds pour in. Keep your mornings free of any breakfast reservations or scheduled stops, and plan to meet your guide at the park 30 to 60 minutes ahead of opening.

  • Follow the Leader

    Our tour guides have years of experience and insider knowledge, and may frequently recommend things that go against what most “guide books” tell people to do. Trust your guide’s leadership and you will avoid many long lines others will be stuck waiting in.

  • Help Us Help You

    We will contact you with questions to help us plan your itinerary. Disney is not the sort of place you want to visit without having a solid plan in advance. The more details you can give us, the better a plan we will be able to put together for your family.

  • Be Flexible

    Unexpected things can happen at the parks. Inexperienced families will be caught off guard and find their best plans going down the drain. However, our guides know how to handle just about anything that can come up during a tour. Following their recommendations can help you avoid many of the pitfalls other families will fall in to.

  • Just One “My Disney Experience” Account

    For our tour guides to be the most effective for your family, we will need everyone in your party to be connected to the same “My Disney Experience” account.  If you don’t have a “MDE” account, don’t worry – we will be happy to help you set one up.  It is through your “MDE” account that our guides assign and manage your FastPasses during your tour.

Private Theme Park Tour Rates

All of our Walt Disney World private theme park tour rates are based on families of up to 6 guests (ages 3 and up). For families larger than 6 guests, additional fees may apply.

All members of your touring party must be linked to the same My Disney Experience account.  We are happy to help you with linking everyone in your party before we assign FastPasses for your group.


The rates listed below are “flat rates” that cover your entire family (of up to 6 people) for the time listed.

Half Day Tours – these tours start promptly when the parks open and last for 4 hours. Most weekdays these tours are priced at $400. During the weekends and holiday periods these tours are priced from $500 and up, depending on how busy the park is expected to be.

Full Day Tours – these tours start promptly when the parks open and last until 5 PM. Most weekdays these tours are priced at $800. During the weekends and holiday periods these tours are priced from $1000 and up, depending on how busy the park is expected to be.


We understand things can happen.  In the unfortunate event you need to cancel, we are happy to refund you your entire amount, minus a 10% planning and processing fee, so long as you cancel with us no later than 60 days prior to your tour date.

We are very sorry, but due to the logistics in planning for a tour, we cannot offer refunds for guests who cancel with us less than 60 days in advance.

In addition, due to the high demand on our services during the busy seasons and holiday periods, we cannot offer any refunds for any tours booked during those times.


In all honesty, we will be the first to admit that you can dig around on Google and probably find independent Disney tour guides that charge less than we do. But as the old adage goes, you always get exactly what you pay for.

Our guides have grown up in these parks.  These parks have been an important part of our lives, and we want to share them with you.  Few other tour guides can claim the same.

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